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pc crashing!! low cpu fan speed :S ?

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Well first of all i have got my cpu overclocked to 2.95 and its prime stable...its been like that for like 1 month. However, two days ago, i put a customed fan on my vid card it droped the temps insanely so i decided to keep it overclocked all time... so today i was tryin to play a dvd movie and it crashed , i restarted and it says u have LOW CPU FAN SPEED. Okay, well f1 for continue. At first i set the vid card clock to defualt, and it still crashed onc i play the damn DVD... and again i set my whole cpu clock at defualt and it worked fine. I checked the TTBT website for fan speed and it says 3000 and i was checkin everest and it say 1250:S. Bah whats wrong ? is it my PSU ? TTBT ? or my DVD or vid card ?
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i are working on a computer store were we got an computer that i builded , then day after i should start it and it said just like you saids your computer says :S
, so i thought maybe i should take a look on it so i did , and i showed up that it were a cable in side the fan thats make it wont turn around as fast at i should , so check you cables from the PSU and so on .. and even if you cant see the dust i might be dusty , so try to take it away andy way ..
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