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I just recently built a new PC about 5 days ago. Since then, my pc has been freezing about 10 times. Checked event log and I keep getting Whea-logger event id 19 and WMI event id 10 and Kernel-power id 41. I have tried Memtest86 but when i tested. It said my cas latency was 3-3-3 27. Then i read somewhere that memtest doesn't work with 8 core proceses yet.
My specs : Windows 7
Mobo: Gigabyte 990fx ud3
CPU: Amd 8350 Vishera with hyper 212 plus
Video Card: Evga Gtx 670 Ftw edition.
PSU: Sea sonic 620w 80 plus bronze
Case: Fractal Define r4 with stock airflow.
Ram: Gskillz ares 14900 1866 mhz 2x4 gb.
Help would be kindly appreciated.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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