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Pc games music

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i want to know what are your favorite soundtracks in Pc games.

Quake 1 was pretty good (Reznor is... i mean was a god of music)

Half Life 2 is hard to beat.

waht do you all think?
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the original Doom games had some of the best music(found most of them too
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Need for Speed: Most Wanted

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Deus Ex
Rainbow Six series

the original Doom games had some of the best music(found most of them too )

where can i find this??
well im not really a fan of any of the game music out today, Tom clancy titles seem to stand out a bit, although most games have crap repetative tunes, especially Bf2, that has the most anoying music ever!!, Menu music is the worst, and loading music makes me cringe!. Glad you can turn them off.

I think the question in this topic really should be what do you listen to while you game?

Quake 4: Dance/Drum and Bass (gets you in the mood)
CS/CSS: Rock music (saosin and InMe)

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Originally Posted by hermit

waht do you all think?

The best music is the music you don't even notice. It's there to set the mood and enhance drama, not to be actively listened to. Any soundtrack composer will tell you that.

Now to stray off topic for a second...


the new Battlestar Galactica suck BIG TIME!!!!

You, my friend, are about as wrong as a person can be. BG is one of the best shows on television, period. I actually have often wondered by NBC hasn't yanked it off of Sci-Fi and put it on the "big" network to give it a wider audience.
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Fear had a good sountrack, in terms of creating a mood

duke nukem had megadeth

and the tony hawks series has always had a good sountrack.
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Deus Ex. Damn that game was good. I still think it's the best game I've ever played. Everything was right about it.

Someone needs to mod it to a newer engine like source or doom 3

Apart from that, Quake has always had something suitably metal for gibbing people. And hl 1 and 2 has that kinda upbeat electonic music when you have to run away from a helicopter.
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Im going to go with starcraft and the command and conquor series
best original iv heard..
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Yeah, starcraft music was good. Got a bit annoying after youd heard it like a bazillion times though
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Unreal Tournament 2004. It just has just very exciting music that really adds to the fun of killing.
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Third for Quake 1.

I have to disagree with the comment about Trent Reznor when you say he "was" the god of music.

He is the god of all industrial rock.
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yeah, i was confused about that too. Waddya mean "was"!
I always liked the music at the main screen of Call of Duty. That horn theme? Always gets me ready to play.
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