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A few weeks ago I started having a problem with my PC shutting down instantaneously seemingly at random, and usually much more quickly when under load. I tried taking all but one stick of RAM out which appeared to help, so I ran a memtest all night with all of the RAM -- it completed 6 passes without errors.
I guessed that my Windows install might be flaky somehow, so I switched to Arch Linux with Gnome 3 (with the open-source AMD graphics drivers) and everything appeared fine. I was able to game without issue and had the system up essentially 24/7 with absolutely no apparent instability.
Last week I finally tried to get Windows back up and working, and everything appeared to be working fine until I installed some drivers (including Catalyst and some motherboard and sound card drivers) and restarted my system at which point the problem reappeared. I booted into safe-mode and switched to the beta Catalyst drivers with no luck. I also tried switching to my one of my old cards (5770s) with no luck.
So yesterday, back in stable Linux land I decided to try switching my drivers from open-source to Catalyst. I finished that and it seemed fine for a while (maybe an hour or two), then another seemingly random shutdown. My PSU is modular, so I decided to try and switch the port that the first GPU cable was coming from and made sure all the power connections on the GPU itself were nice and secure. This seemed to help. I ran a Valley benchmark in both Windows and Linux and there were no issues. I left the machine up all night only to find it off this morning. I switched out the cards again just to be sure and had the same problem.

So I'm a little stumped right now. I'm leaning towards a PSU problem, which kind of makes sense to me considering the open-source AMD drivers get a fraction of the performance of Catalyst. Otherwise it seems to me like it must be a serious issue with Catalyst that's in both the beta and the stable version.

I'd love to get some more opinions on this.
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