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pc mobo in g4 tower

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any help on putting a pc mobo in a mac g4 tower
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i beleive that apple uses there own form factor. dont quote me on that though.
This is the RottenApple mod, but that was for a G5 case, but it might be of help!
Which of the THREE different types of G4 towers is it? What motherboard? The hard part is not getting the board in there, the tough part is getting a ATX PSU in there.
Never did it, but I'm currently in the midst of a PC in a G5 case (bogged down in making my own Holly Hobby drive bays - palmface on that). I hope you go for the Quicksilver G4 case. The MDD Mirror Drive Door can't be modded for a PC motherboard - the PCI slots are on the otherside of the I/O ports (okay, I suppose you could mod it & palmface yourself). The Graphite has nearly the same internals as the Quicksilver.

Its easiest to use a mATX motherboard, not even sure if a full ATX would fit. It will take a stock ATX PSU (a have a modded ATX PSU in the Qucksilver I own), but it won't have much room for getting air into the intake unless its an inline fan system. Maybe 1/2" to the metal wall. You might want to cut a hole in the metal to access the air duct between the plastic outer shell & the inner metal chassis. You might want to avoid a PSU with LEDs in it because the upper corner would be glowing making it look weird. The power jack won't be in the right place either, so you'll need to search for the right positioning, or mod the rear plastic.

I understand that the memory slots on a mATX case might hit the metal support frame for the DVD recorder. I had thoughts on this myself - I would pull the DVD recorder & make the bay for a hard drive use. I would take an SATA recorder & use an external case, and connect it to a eSATA passthrough onto the motherboard SATA ports. I would have used a LaCie D2 case firewire DVD recorder-it's a very similar look, but in slightly textured metal as opposed to glossy ABS plastic. I wanted it to sit between the upper 2 handles, but the tray would hit the handles, so I was going to trim the top & bottom sheetmetal to essentially be the length of the recorder +1". And then the tray wouldn't hit the front handle, the memory wouldn't hit the DVD drive frame (which I would cut to accommodate the memory).

Cooling in this tower wasn't a huge priority, but the newly liberated dvd drive & zip drive could be repurposed as intake vents with small 60mm fans. Nidec probably.

Here are some further links:

Good luck.

Post photos!
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i seen it where they mobo a lain li mobo tray in
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