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PC Not Booting When Timings Changed

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I don't know much about RAM timings and how to set things in my BIOS.
I'm using everest to view the SPD settings for my RAM.
My motherboard id the ASUS P5B-E and i have an intel E6600 CPU.
My RAM SPD timings are as seen in this screenshot.

I try yo match what little i understand about the settings with what I see in my BIOS but some of the settings arent shown in the area where i look for the SPD settings.

im not sure if what is said in these screenshots applies to me

Do i change what's on this page in the BIOS?

I guess I'm basically asking if anyone can give me the proper settings to have my RAM running at its optimal performance. I need to know how to change these setting without having my PC freeze on me.

What happens when I try and change them is the comp will turn on and I'll hear the fan running at it's fastest and my screen just stays blanks. I figure this happens because I did something wrong.
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