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I recently transferred the contents of my mates Acer Aspire M3100 from its original case to a Coolermaster Storm Scout case, I also swapped the power supply to a OCZ Fatality PSU and installed my old EVGA GTS 450, for some reason it wont boot? Weve checked the main motherboard power connector and the CPU power connector, we also swapped PSU and no luck, the MB has no LED so we cant tell if its getting power although the Power lead crackles when its getting connected so I can only assume it is, Ive checked the front panel connectors and they seem okay (we dont have the MB manual so we cant be sure)
When installing the graphic card we realised it was a bit big as the MB is micro ATX and in plugging it in it presses down on the SATA connectors, also one of the case fan female connector's pins was squint so we removed the housing and plugged the pins straight into the PSU connector, I can think of anything else that didnt go smoothly during the swap.

Any ideas?

ProcessorAMD Phenom 9500 Quad
System ChipsetAMD 690V + SB600
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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