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PC Tech's Please help!!!

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I have a problem that just started. I bought a wireless network card for my home machine. I plugged it in and it worked fine. The power plug was still attached. I powered down the machine and began to screw the card in and the computer powered itself on. Now every time I go to shut down the machine it reboots on its own. I have unplugged the power off the board, updated the bios, cleared the bios, turned off the autorestart after power failure in windows, pulled the card out and nothing fixes the problem. The only thing I can think is that somehow the board is now grounded to the case and I will need to pull everything out and rebuild. Any suggesstions. Other than the reboots the machine has run rock solid for 3 years now.

God look at the ******ed response MSI sent me.

You can take out all parts from the chassis to limit down grounding issue.

It also looks like the add in NIC card driver mess up the Windows registry too.

You can try with all components installed back into the system and have a clean install of Windows OS from scratch and follow by the updated drivers to confirm.

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