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[PCGH]Casemod class for Fanboys: The Nvidia Ion Cube PC

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In the case mod scene is Mnpctech.com a known entity. In a recent contest held by Nvidia made it to the Nvidia Ion Cube PC of the team to first place. The small black cube was decorated with many of green acrylic accessories and home to a manufactured Zotac Ion 330 ITX Motherboard with Atom 330 and Ion chipset.A variety of different parts of the Ion Cube PCs were specifically designed for this project in hand. And like the pictures in our gallery, can definitely see the overall result can be.

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I've been following this while it was being made, brilliant thing but the concept design looked better than the actual thing, all that green perspex makes it look like its made from Lego
looks like the main part to a shuttle nav. unit. Maybe on the gyro side or the bay doors control
Bill does stunning work.
This is just oozing with creativity. I wish I had $20,000 worth of equipment to make stuff like this
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That is pretty damn sick if you ask me!
AHAHAH, for a sec when i read the title i thought it said "nvidia ion pubic cube" i don't even know why!
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