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PCI Express slots on Asus P7P55D

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This may be a silly question, but I have to ask anyway.

Does it matter in which PCI Express slot I put my Radeon HD 4890?

There are two slots, one is blue and one is grey. I suppose the primary one is the blue one, but if I have it in the blue slot, there very little space between the CPU cooler and the card. Would it make any difference if I put it in the grey slot?

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I was playing around with a Maximus III Gene not so long ago, in the manual it said that for optimal performance you should install the card in the first PCIE slot (if a single card setup). Not sure how true this is though...

If there is a performance decrease i think it would be negligeable
The only thing that may make a difference is the latency. Since the PCIe controller is built into the chip using the closest lane to the chip on the board would be ideal.

May be negligible though, just a theory.

Yes, it will be different, both in latency and bandwidth. Asus P7P55D has two PCIE16 slots. One is x16, connected directly to the CPU controller. The second is locked at x4, and connected to the chipset.

Therefore, put your GPU into the primary (blue) PCIE16 slot.
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