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PCIx modem in production!

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First of all, this modem is really a genius idea... it works very well... Obviously we took it out of the computer case to take pictures of it because there is no room for a camera when this thing is in the case! :: Warning if you have a video card, this will not fit! :: This is approx. 12cm tall, it helps a lot to put this on the bottom PCI slot, therefore will not get in the way of the CPU heatsink/fan. It currently supports PCIx (xtreme), some of you may not be familiar with this, but it is not even out yet on the market! It supports dual phone-line connections and soon to support dual gigabyte ethernet connections! It supports up to 1mb l2 cache, along with support of 512kb l3 cache for the future! It runs in mddr4 @ 1ghz. It has a pci bus speed of 112mhz. This is insane for overclocking! As you can tell, we have the heatsink placed on the modem, along with a 120mm fan pushing over 120cfm! Only weighing in at 28oz... This thing runs at 20c with full load!! It's currently being manufactured in my basement, but if you would like to pre-order your own today! Contact me at, [email protected]... Current prices stand as of, $312 + $.05 per mile sent. Later on in the week I will post info on how well she runs in speed tests.
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You really think someone is going to buy that?
Go away.
that is totally fake.
you took a old arse modem, and put a hsf on it.
if its real, lets see the WHOLE card, including pins
ya *** why ban him i was gonna buy it...............

now im gonna have to use my super slow dial up for ever
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lol, i hardly see how PCI-x would improve conection speeds
and why a cache on the chip, thats pretty useless right there. only 1MB too.
he tried to fool the experts, like tryin to joke the joker
EDIT: ^buddy, it was fake. PCIX DOES NOT IMPROVE CONNECTION SPEED on a modem, it improves the rate info gets from the card to the mobo
yes it does! it does improve speeds! im going to order one right now!
lol, go ahead and get an ISA modem, with a HSF glued to the circut board,lol
BTW, wasnt this guy banned before for plaugurizing(SP)
the best part of all of this is i received a ban before a warning, ... in my email list, the date received on the ban was sooner than the warning... that makes a loot of sense to me! and the email had said i was spamming, thats the best part considering this is my... 1st post of this? and it was as a joke? but the admins think im spamming? how am i spamming? im confused? is sum1 gona exec cal.cfg?
idle #senseofhumor
dude, you've now established yourself as a nusence. but knowing people like you, you'll continue making name until you finally get nobody cares.
so you may as well go away now,ty
EDIT: post that i refered to mysteriously disappeared
GJ @ banning napkin and napkin2 and napkin3 and napkin4

EDIT: why cant i PM admin
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