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PCLinuxOS Programs

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I am a total linux noob. The only reason I really use it is because it is the only OS that automatically installs drivers (I downloaded them manually and it did not work). But that really isn't the point

Anyways, I need to install putty client. I have never installed linux programs other then packages. It came in a tar.gz package.

What do I do with it and how do I install it?

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You should just be able to do ssh via the terminal.

Originally Posted by DigitalSonata View Post
You should just be able to do ssh via the terminal.
haha told you major linux noob.

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Just open up a terminal (I don't know where it is on pclinuxos) and do


Connection refused
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If you have the .tar.gz you need to extract it.
get some GUI programs to do so are squeeze or xarchiver

Once you have the package extracted, cd to that dir and do:
sudo make install

that should install the package. Not sure why you are doing ssh.
OP, what exactly are you trying to do? If you are trying to install a PuTTY client, you won't need it. Linux has a built in shell.
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