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Hey people,

I finally have the parts to post my build log on here. I started this build in May and decided to go water, so i waited to post the build until i had the water cooling parts in. (Nobody wants to see a stock cooler

Computer Parts:

Antec 1200
Asus p6t6 revolution
corsair 1000 hx
i7 920 D0
evga gtx 260 superclocked
digital western 640 caviar black
Lg dvd burner drive with lightscribe
6gb ocz platinum 1600 ddr3
ati radeon x300 (until my 2nd gtx is added)

Water Parts:

Heatkiller LT 3.0 1366
Heatkiller backplate
xspc rx360 rad
primoflex 7/16 tubing
swifttech mcp 655 pump
1/2 T fitting
bitspower 1/2 fittings
6x yateloon high speed led fans with uv case
ocz freeze

Parts still to come:

4 more high speed yateloons
fan controller
Pt Nuke
feserone UV acid green coolant (or distilled water, still deciding)
any other water blocks i can find for this board

2x 12inch UV cathodes
Acrylic panel to cover the wire mesh section of antec 1200 side window

Updates are coming soon, after i finish my two finals tommorow, im going to town on the water cooling parts

*note: My camera is terrible.

the heartbeat of the motherboard , it pulses , kinda cool, but it gets cover by graphics cards haha.

streaming Das Boot from netflix on my comp, watching it in bed behind my desk

how it sits in my room right now, caseless

My current center piece for my breakfast table

this pump is huge

Yate loon led

prety excited about the UV green zip ties and T fitting

as it sits now haha, im working on the case for the water cooling setup. Should be up and running on water very soon! I cant work on it tonight because i have two finals tommorow.

Updates coming soon!

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did some more work today!

*note i havent attached the heatkiller block, its just hanigng there with protective foam under it. Im going to mount it once ive run my setup for a few hours to check for leaks.

room left for a pump with the push-pull setup

on the test stand aka kitchen counter


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updates: Started doing a little cable management, have the loop back in the comp and everything is working!!
Just need a few parts and im done!

Double zip tied everything

some cable management i was working on. (sata cables)

here she is right now, up and running on water. I still have quite a few things to do, but most of the hard work is done!

more updates coming soon

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Wow... that looks pretty darn awesome. Mind if I ask what you do for a living?

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Originally Posted by Peace11uehman
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hah no way thats awsome! Let me know if you need help with anything, i live right by the football stadium.

What voltages are you at to make 4.0ghz stable? i'm stable at 3.8. haven't tried prime95 at 3.9ghz yet. but it bluescreened at 4.0ghz. Maybe after my AS5 cures i will see a bit lower temps. and i just got easytune installed so it's running my cpu, system and NB fans at 100%.

i think the voltage im using is 1.66 for ram and 1.34 for cpu to get to 3.8ghz stable.

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I fear wc setup! one spill and 1600$ down the drain !

Nice rig !!

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So much win! Sub'd
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