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Today while sitting at work and pretending like i was working i decided that my fat paws were a pain in the backside while using the touch keyboard
. so i decided to make a stylus or three using stuff i had at my desk

All together i used:
3 Pens
1 Tennis Ball
1 Pair of Scissors
1 orange stress foam ball (for color/ boredom and totally not necessary)

All pens use a rubber tip; so as not to scratch the touchphones surface

I will put instructions at the end of the post, but its not rocket science

Now for pics!

Introducing all the stylus' (with a blue generic pen for size comparison!)

First up the Stylus Elite
this stylus is filled with orange foam for color

Next we have the Stylus' Equip (which is filled with extra tip material, in case you frequent your phone

And Last! We have the Stylus Compact (which is small for dainty hands and comes in black
see im not racist)

to make a stylus, seperate the pen in parts; tube, tip, ball and housing, ink cartridge and stopper. Cut the Tube to a comfortable size (dont forget to account for the cap being on the back to add an inch or so and make it the perfect length
remove the ink from the tip and discard the ball and housing, ink, and ink cartridge. be sure to get all the ink out of the tip
Next cut a tennis ball in half and use the rubber inside as a tip insert, cut to shape and shove it
then reassemble the pen anc viola

Thanks for reading, now go mod your pen!

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Originally Posted by DoubleX View Post
that would kill all the fun in a pen trick
still a nice mod tho
when you spin it around your finger?
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