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Pending PC build...

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Well, I've had my parts picked out for months and months now and I think my wait is almost over. eVGA X58 "Classified" is supposedly coming out this week and I just want some people to look over my parts.

What I need to know though, is which case: Antec 1200 or HAF 932?

it says the MOBO is EATX, I'm not sure exactly what that means and I don't know if it will fit into either of these cases. Anyone know?
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I love my HAF. Lots of room, sturdy, fits everything possible watercooling with ease. I love the no tool incorperation for the HAF too. To put a drive in all you do is click to buttons. Same with the HDDs, just put them in a shelf that is removable and your done. For me it's the HAF, for others they like the Antec.
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