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Pentium 3 Motherboard

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Looking to grab a server motherboard that can run 2 pentium 3 chips.
just got some free spare parts.
looking to use it to torrent and nothing else.
is it worth my time?
what could i use?
is it possible to link two motherboards to run one computer?

i have 2 cpus 2 power supplys and 2 motherboards as well as two cases im going to mod into one.
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Ouch. I really don't think that's even worth it.
Could probably buy a whole P4 rig for way less hassle.
Thats what i was thinking! i got the stuff to make a sweet and free case.

but is there any way that i can use these parts?
if i just used one mb and one chip would it even be worth it to get it up and running?
dont have any experience with P3 i know my p4 comp is pretty slow but it can run torrents and access the internet.
Remember- P4 was a huge advancement.
So if your P4 is slow and can run torrents. Good luck with P3. lol

Originally Posted by dpawl31
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Remember- P4 was a huge advancement.
So if your P4 is slow and can run torrents. Good luck with P3. lol

not really. EArly p4 clock for clock was slower than P3 .the good thing about p4 is that it could clock high.
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'Early' P4, I am talking as the chips advanced.
Not really a good idea to compare high end last-gen to first batch new gen.

Usually works out just like you said.
Basically - you said what I meant. lol
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So dont bother!!?

now im thinking up another idea. i was thinking of just stacking these two cases ontop of each other and running my sig comp in the top and a server in the bottom (or other way around) . two comps in one(double) case.
i think it would be cool, but is there any reason i shouldn't?
I still have a 1ghz Pentium 3 running Ubuntu that torrents on the side. I just put everything on an external and bring it to my tv
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now im stuck, and must try it out even if it sucks.
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