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Pentium D 820, Team Xtreem DDR2-800 (2GB), HDDs

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I was wanting to bundle them together with my Gigabyte 965P-S3 and give it away as a freebie, but the S3 took a crap and I had to buy a new motherboard and I need to fund it.

Pentium D 820 does 4.0-4.1Ghz if you give it enough voltage. I was able to get it to run 24/7 just fine at 4.0Ghz when I had my SI-128 but when I got a quieter (and less capable) cooler I couldn't keep the temps in check and put it back at stock. $20 shipped?

Team Xtreem DDR2-800. I've had it at DDR2-1000 a while ago but I don't remember what all I did to make it stable. If I remember correctly it was CL4 with 2.2v or 2.3v. I kept a fan on them at all times and most of the time they were just run @ DDR2-400 @ 1.8v for a 1:1 with the stock Pentium D. $20 shipped, too?

Samsung HD160JJ HDD. Not much to say, 160GB, made by Samsung, 7200RPM, 8MB cache, SATA ... decent little hard drive. Used to keep my music on it until I got a 750GB HDD. $25 shipped?
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