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Pentium D question...

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If i were to buy a 805 Smithfield and couple it with a nForce650i mobo, would that work? Id like to know becasue the FSB on the 650 mobo is 1066/800 where the 805 is 533. Also the board I think, is desighned to work with the newer 65nm Pentium D's and Core 2's rather than the older 90nm Pentium D's right?
Id rather spend $90 and overclock the hell outta the thing then spen like $50 more and get a faster 65nm chip...

Any input is welcomed
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yep it will work just peachy.
Why Pentium D? If an 805 overclocked at 4GHz, it is equivant to a 6300. Also, I think it won't work(I'm not sure), try buying the 815(or w/e it's called), it has 800FSB
thats a good question, why not just go with a c2d?
Just exploring EVERY possible option and asking around, am not actually 100% sure on a budget yet and i already have a few of these parts set in stone...

If all goes well, ill get a E6400 or 6600 but if not its a Pentium D 9xx series and if it goes really badly then this.
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I have a 805 and even with a +1ghz oc it isnt that great. Get a C2D right off the bat if you can, you'll be a lot happier.
I have the D 915 and even oc'ed to hell, it still can't touch the Core 2 Duo. Only reason why I bought the 915 was because it was like $117, I will by a C2D when they come down in price since my motherboard supports all the C2D and the C2Q.
I wouldn't put a low end Dual Core on that 680i and nor I'd get a 680i at all.

I know the first nForce 4s couldn't support a Pentium D 2.8ghz but eventually it did happened.

So, I'd say go for a DS3 and an E6xxx.
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