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Pentium M w/ centrino Vs amd 3700+

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How comparable is a 2.26 pentium m processor with a amd 3700+ ?
I dont really know what i should do as far as processors, i want a gaming laptop that for around 2500 bucks. I want to play bf2, css, the stuff...
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is it a dothan core?
the dothan core has a 2mb L2 cache. I assume the 3700 only has a 512.

My laptop (Thinkpad r50e) has a 1.6ghz dothan core. That will beat a 2600+ into the ground. A 2.26 dothan will be pretty good but im not sure if it will be anywhere near the speed of the 3700.

on another note: make sure the laptop's gpu has its own dedicated RAM and stick the biggest stick of ram you can find for that laptop in.
i was told that the pentium m 2.2 could spank a 3700+ ...
Yes the 2.26 Dothan should beat a 3700+ SD but only if it is the 770 Dothan, the other cores are ALOT slower.
my 725 dothan is pretty good
dont the dothans have that 'Advanced Branch Prediction'.

Pentium M

^^ that core has 1meg L2 - look for a one with 2

For example:

^^just ignore the super pi stuff
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what companys use the dothan coreS? Does anyone know how to tell?
IBM use dothan. Look at the processor number listed and the L2 you can usually tell from that. If all else fails, post the link here and we'll take a gander
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