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Hey there,

I posted in the 5/i thread but figured I should start my own thread on this.

I own a Perc 6/i integrated card that I am currently struggling with. The card itself is wonderful and I have a nice RAID configured running ESXi. I have (3) 2TB Caviar Blacks in a RAID 5 and am looking to add a 4th to expand to. With that being said, I'm currently stuck trying to expand it.

When going through Control+R in the BIOS, I get options to add a hot spare (useful) but not what I want.

I downloaded the MegaRAID storage Manager which is nice, I can search for the ESXi box via IP log in via the root password and the array shows up... again, can't expand. The 4th drive shows up as un-configured, good, but nothing beyond that.

I was able to buy an aftermarket backup battery which is showing up as charged with no problems. I'm assuming upgrading the firmware is done through the storage manager and shouldn't be a problem as well...

I've also looked into crossflashing it to the LSI firmware but am afraid about losing my RAID, as well as I'd like to see a decent guide on doing so - it seems the 5i is a wee bit easier to manage as opposed to the 6i which seems to require the dell software...

Anyway, any feedback is welcome, any steps in the right direction are welcome, because at this point I'm getting pretty annoyed trying to do a simple expansion and am thinking of selling this card and going with another even if I have to sink more money than I'd like.

Thanks in advance. If screencaps are necessary for more info I'd be happy to supply. FYI, ESXi is 5.1.
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