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I recently completed a computer for home/multimedia use. The computer will be used extensively for photo storage, editing, and printing. Music recording will be done, along with light editing and mixing (this part not completed). Even some gaming!

The primary features will be 2 620 GB barracudas in Matrix RAID, and a 24" monitor (4850 powered). This wasn't exactly a budget build, however I think it came in near mid range with a complete system price tag of around 1300 (monitor and peripherals). With the printer and scanner, the final price is between 1800-1900.

The system performs really well, scored a 12100 3dmark right off, and the RAID 0 setup has an avg sequential write of 205 mb/s.

build list: (combo prices and rebates not included, speakers and keyboard no on list)

I'll share some pics!

Everything in box. I have to say the pixma pro9000 is amazing. it is something like 160$ off on newegg right now, and the quality is amazing. (will add support to this.) I scanned a picture in, and printed it 8.5 x 11, and it looked better than the original professional photo. It also prints on the edge of the page, no trimming needed!

The scanner has the ability to scan multiple pictures and negatives at a time, turning a bunch of negatives into individual scans to save. Will add examples soon!

Antec 300 with 3 slipstreams and the 2 Antec fans, airflow is no concern!
I really like the case, but I was dissapointed with cable management options, I like to run cables behind mobo tray, but I would need to do some cutting to make this happen.

Pesky intel coolers. I did receive an E0 8400 with a 1.25 VID, I thought about swapping with the sig rig, but I cannot push it to the limit with 800 DDR2. This build uses DDR2 OCZ 1066. I may have to get a bigger cooler! Right now running 5:8 for the fast memory!

Matrix RAID creation, 100GB RAID 0 for windows and application performance. 540 GB for backed up photos and documents.

I dug out a 14+ year old floppy for RAID drivers, and it worked! It came out of a Pentium 90MHz system, glad I kept it in the attic!

you can see the fans on the front. The ASUS board controls the slipstreams well. The 1900 rpm models are very loud at full boar. They whistled against the front grills, I had to cut those out. right now on low they move a good bit of air and are quiet. I have to take the bottom front out and replace with a Thermaltake, there was no controller for the slipstream. The thermaltake has a temperature sensor I glued to the hard drives.

Windows XP x64 installed on RAID 0

Final look, I hated to put the CPU power over the video card, I will get an extender. The wires get bunchy at the bottom, most of them are pulled behind the HDD cage.

This case begs for a modular PSU, one thing I would do different!

will update!
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