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Performance issues?

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Well to start off, i go into nvidia clock frequency settings and do detect optimal etc. And then i just pump up the settings a tiiid bit higher than the detect optimals. I run a 6800 and its clocking at 380/832 ATM but i was hoping it could be pushed harder as i just bought new fans etc. While playing a game called world of warcraft, at what the settings are right now there are green patches placed randomly throughout the terrain, but the higher i turn up memory the more that appear. Is this just because im OCing too much or is something else wrong? i was really hoping to OC quite abit higher.
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Originally Posted by Madr0x

ive scanne dwith ati tool, its gone for hours without any artifacts but in the game it still does it.

Some games are very sensetive to OCing. Try setting default clocks only when you are playing that game, and then crank 'em back up when you're finished. I have to do this with BF2, it hates being on OCed cards.
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