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PetrasTechShop.com is the BEST

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O.k. I order Yate Loons, the high speed 120mm x 25mm fans, from Petras all the time. I love them. So I emailed the guys over there at Petras, Alex and Quoc, and asked them about Yate Loons 120mm x 38mm fans. I read the specs on these fans on the Yate Loon site, and they looked great.

So I get an email back from both of them, saying that the fans are o.k., they seemed to be made of the same plastic that the 25mm are made from. From those of you that know, this could be a problem, especially with static pressure. I told them thank you for the fast response and I appreciate them responding.

Well the reason I am writing this is because, today in the mail, Alex and Quoc sent me their sample 120mm x 38mm Yate Loon fan. They were right. The fan is pretty much the same plastic at the 25mm and seems flimsy. That is what I call customer service.
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that was nice of them to send out a free one to you. I never ordered anything from them but have heard lots of good things about them from people here at OCN.
I buy all of my fans and watercooling stuff from them. I mean who gets their package from newegg with a hand written thank you note and a newegg pen? Not I. But I do from them.
I said it before, I'll say it again...

Petrastech FTW!!

I bought all my WC stuff from them and will continue to.
I agree, fantastic customer service. I like their handwritten thank you notes too.
AFAIK, Petras has excellent service according to members here. If I were allowed to buy online, I'd definitely grab a few Yate Loons for my next case myself.
Their hand-written note has made me check them first when I need something.

If they have it in stock, I now get it from Petra's - even if it's a little cheaper somewhere else.
Yup, I order all my fans & other computer stuff from Petra's. I probably have one of every color pen now. They rock!
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I recently got a fan, cables and random trinkets from them as well. They couldn't have better service especially with the little details.

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