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So yesterday I got two blue screens.
One after installing something called Peerblock, which I didn't catch any details on.
And one just randomly, after I uinstalled it.
I have since used tune up utitilies and advanced system care to clean out any registry entries it may have left, but that's not the bizzare thing.

I thought it may have been something to do with the memory, so I run the windows memory diagnostic.
The test ran fine and completed, but when my pc restarted to show the results it went into a blue screen loop, it only happened once so I couldn't see what the screen said.
I then popped in the vista recovery cd, and it repaired and came up with the screen where it allows me to choose which way to boot, I chose last good config.

Now, it has not happened since, I've played games, videos, audio files, and everything else, for hours, not a hitch or a blue screen.

My question is, what could have caused it, and why did the windows memory diagnostic cause the system to go into a boot loop and forced me to use my recovery cd?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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