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PH2 X3 new build, is this ok ?

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Hi guys,

i'm building a pc for a friend and i wanted to know if its ok the hardware that i chose.

it for a gaming pc.

Phenom 2 X3 720
2x2 GB DDR2 1066 Gskill
AMD HD4870

i'm not sure if i should go for this or an E8x00 intel buil

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No thats a great build... What are you using for PSU
BTW is that the MOBO that unlocks the fourth core on that CPU. IF it is it goes in the Awesome catagory.
it couldn't get any more better than that.

ohh, it will absolutely pawn an e8x00 build. plus the extra core will make his experience much smoother, and he can multitask better. you get to have a bonus with unlocking the 4th core, and that mobo is capable in doing it. and it's also cheaper. what more can you possibly ask?
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Azt3c, was there an image included in your first post featuring your new build? Perhaps I'm missing something here
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