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That board is different, from your link if you look at this image https://www.asus.com/websites/global/products/wodanwpswfp0wiug/img/compact/compact-left.png you can see that the DTX board is taller (in that image) which means that it will stick out 3 cm further towards the back of the case. In the Shifts this 3cm area is in order
- where the riser cable passes from front to back,
- where the 2.5 SSD/HDD drives are mounted,
- then the part of the internal frame that holds those drives
- then there is some space before you hit the rear panel which is used for cable management (or commonly fan controllers)

It's possible that you might be able to only use M.2 drives, cut the internal frame and route the riser cable around the back of the board (you might need a longer cable???), or you could just get the ITX.
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