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Updated AI File!

Here's a link to a Google Drive folder which includes the raw .DXF file from Autodesk Fusion. Also has an .EPS file which opens using Adobe Illustrator. A lasercutter/waterjet place should be able to use the EPS file. The side panel was a couple of millimeters short for me, but not noticeable enough for me to get it remade. If anyone plans on using it, extend the top part 2-3 millimeters if you want.

The original dimensions are 471mm x 228mm.


I live in Silicon Valley and had one of the dozens of local shops do it lol. It cost me $60, materials+cut time. A few other CNC places that take online orders are eMachineShop, Xometry, Ponoko, and Big Blue Saw. Lasergist laser cuts, but last time I checked they only do steel. And I think they also have a size limit which won't fit a side panel. Ponoko has a lot of acrylic options.

Big Blue Saw does waterjetting, and offers instant online quotes. Here's prices from BBS for the single side panel. ~3mm thick 6061AL

Hey everyone! Finally finished my build, I was inspired by Sedici's post and his custom side panels sold me. I took his file and modified it a bit, adjusted it for the evolv shift x. Attached is my final mockup for the side panel, not 100% sure if I'm going to use both panels ( planning on cutting two ).

AI File. ( Note, included in this file are other designs ).


1 - 1 of 555 Posts