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Phenom 940 HT at 1600Mhz????

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Hello there overclockers!!!

I had my Phenom 940 BE for about 6 months now and recently after couple overclocks it shows my HT at 1600Mhz! The default is 1800Mhz and I tried to change it in BIOS but it only shows "1400->1600 -> Auto". I don't know how to fix this problem. I tried AMD overdrive and It only has 8x multiplier in HT bar. I need 9x for it to be set at 1800Mhz....I tried downloading many different versions of AMD Overdrive utility but no luck. Any help?
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Is that in the overclock menu? If not go there. If it is in the overclock menu the just reset bios and put your setting back.
Is the 1600mhz HT just a recent phenomenon? Or do you think its been that way the whole time?

it's a known glitch that biostar boards can't set an 1600mhz or higher ht speed on the 940's (and i think deneb's in general) for some reason.

what you can do is just overclock the system to get the higher ht speed.
Please try not to double post. You already have the same post up in AMD CPU section. Someone already has written a answer. I think the above solution might do it.

Also try a Bios update and see if that fixes the problem, and by overclock he means raise the NB frequency. It should raise the HT as well

(HTT Multi) X (FSB or HTT) = HT Link speed.

Raise the multi if your BIOS allows it
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