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Phenom 9550, M3A78 EM, HD4830 woes

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First post here, I've been looking around for about two hours here and cant really find any info on this setup. Heres my deal:

I cant get ANYTHING to overclock - even by 1Mhz - and still boot into windows. I've tried overclocking the video card and shortly thereafter PC locks up and have to pull the plug. I built this rig myself, I'm fairly savvy but this OC stuff is Greek to me. I've messed about in the BIOS with ref clocks and such with no luck, anything I change, no matter how insignificant, wont let me boot into Win7 Ultimate. Can someone please spell out for me, slowly (lol) how to overclock this rig? My primary goal is to get better performance in ARMA 2. I run idle at about 38C with a Thermaltake cooler so I should be able to boost it up a bit with good temps, right?

GPU - http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/bgfb/

CPU - http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=840650

Many thanks in advance and +Rep!

I will be watching this thread closely, let me know if you need any more info.
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What are you trying to move up? Look for something along the lines of Ht. Ref. Clock for your CPU. Also make sure you disable C1e, Cool and Quiet, and any speed spectrum.

What you want to do is move the RAM down 1 speed, for example if you have DDR2 800 RAM, set it to 333Mhz in the BIOS. Then move the HT. Ref. Clock up slowly until it becomes unstable. Keep an eye on your Northbridge as well, if it gets too high, like 2250MHz, move the multiplier down a notch. Once it becomes unstable, use Prime95 to check for stability, you will need to add more voltage to your CPU, but watch those load temps!

You should add your specs to your sig by going into User CP at the top of this page and selecting add a system in the left column.
OK So it took a BIOS update to be able to overclock anything... Why didnt I think of that before lol. Anyway I set RAM to 333 from 400, Bus Freq to 220 from 200, upped vCore 50MV - For 2420Mhz - Original was 2200Mhz. OCCT claims stable.

However, it seems my PC loads windows slower now, can I take the RAM back up, or can I overclock further? 56C at load.
Also I tried to OC the GPU (not memory) and anything above stock crashes entire computer, Cat 9.11 installed. I've searched and searched for BIOS updates but no joy, can someone tell me how/where to get? Thanks
For that small of an oc, I don't think you'd need to up the Vcore any. Try it at stock voltage and let us know. You cant try putting the memory back up to 400. It should be stable at that low OC, but if its not you can up the voltage on the RAM, but make sure you're not overheating it. 56C is definetley where I'd stop, but if you can get to 2420 at stock voltage you have a little more headroom.
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