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Phenom 9950 BE > Phenom II 3.0ghz

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I currently have a phenom 9950 x4 BE, when I bought it phenom 2's where still quite pricey so opted for the BE and overclocked it. Now i've seen phenom 2's quite a bit cheaper. I have some questions:

Is the phenom 2 3.ghz avaible in normal and BE?.
What's a good oveclock on air with this chip?.

Two thing's I like are the temp's have been inproved, 6mb L3 cache? and the overlocking capability.

So....should I sell my 9950 and upgrade to a phenom 2?, my board supports them as i've seen others with my board running phenom 2's. Will their also be a price drop soon im also wondering and I could wait it out.

Cheers all!.
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Yeah I would suggest doing it, I upgraded from a 9850 to a 940 an it's the best thing I could have done.
As for your questions I'm not to sure but I think all 940's are BE an a good overclock on air around 3.8 - 4
You will love the temp difference.
The Phenom II's overclock much better, have a larger cache that has a lower latency (= faster), have a faster memory controller, and are slightly faster clock for clock.

I think its a good move.

In fact, in alot of benchmarks, the 720 BE is beating out the 9850 and 9950, except in heavily multithreaded applications.

The only 3GHz PhII is the 940 BE, while the 920 is clocked at 2.8GHz, and will usually OC similarly if your mobo will support a high reference clock.

Good luck
Cheers guys ill have a think.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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