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Phenom 9950 with TT120 vs V8

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So I'm buying the 9950 off my friend for $80 since he upgraded to a PhII 940, haven't gotten the CPU yet, but was wondering, would my TT120 be enough to keep this thing cool at a OC of 3.0ghz? Or am I going to have to upgrade to something like the V8? And before you say it, I don't want a TRUE, the way I have my system setup, since the fan will be facing horizontally and I have all my airflow going out the back of my case.
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No, i'd have the same problem, the only coolers, I can use have to have the air moving vertically, and the Xig will only mount so the air is being pushed up...
dont worry, you should know the TT is still pretty decent
Oh, I know it's decent infact, I love my TT120 for my dual core, but am wondering if it's enough for an OC of 3 to 3.3ghz on the 9950 Quad or am I going to have to upgrade too something like the V8 too keep the temps down?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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