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Phenom II 810 Overclocking help!

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Just got my new build, built, running great. I wanted to overclock the AMD Phenom II on a Gigabyte GA-MA-790x-ud4 board. I got it up to reference clock of 218 and multiplyer to max which is 13x. So i got 2.8ghz on it so far. now if i go any higher my PC restarts. Any ideas?
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Originally Posted by Martyrdom
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Ok i got it to 3.3 ghz but ddr2 mhz is at 677 so i gotta put that to 800, now does 48 C sound 2 high for a stability test, running one now.

That temp is fine for a load temp. Try to keep it under 55c though.

Your ram speed setting is at DDR667 right now? In CPU-z what is the speed that the memory is actually running at right now? You have a pretty high bus speed (253-254 if I guessed right) so putting the ram speed setting up to DDR800 in the BIOS might push your ram speed to high, and will give you stability issues again.

Good luck

And way to go winginit, great help in here. +1
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