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phenom II 940 temp question

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i got my cpu stable at 3.78 now but i'm worried about the temp just curious if anyone could post thier temps i'm at 48 and up to 65 full load stock fan (or what ever this thing is they send with the 940's got pipes and stuff coming out of it...) thanks in advance
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65C is too hot,

You might want to Back it down untill you get an after market cooler.

62c is the max recommended by AMD.

On a side note.... Nice OC
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I'm on the stock fan right now 'til my new Xig. arrives. I've gotten my 940 to 3.8GHz / 1.50v, and temp was idling at 50c. Could not pass 1 minute of OCCT. No doubt it's the best-looking stock fan I've seen, yet not wise to exceed 3.4Ghz on it, imo.

BTW, welcome to OCN.
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thanks guys going to try to run it once on 3d mark then drop it down till i get a better cooler
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