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Before the OC I was running a 955BE @ 3.2 and Adata 4gb 2x2 1600Mhz 9-9-9-24. I ran the Passmark Benchmark for memory and I got an overall score of 920.
The Ram is 1600 but you have to OC on my motherboard, MSI 870S-G54, from 1333 to get that speed.

When I OC'ed I just upped the CPU multiplier from x4 to x4.5 to get 3.6ghz since I have Black Edition. Now on the same Passmark test, I get an overall score of 230. What's wrong? I tried upping voltages for everything, I tried increaseing NB and HT to 2400MHz, and I even switched out the RAM with another pair and still the same results occurred.
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