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So I decided to open the window and let some of the cool air in tonight and try pushing my chip a little more on just my simple air setup. I was quite pleased with she'll do without much effort
. I'm looking at picking up the best closed loop setup available that will fit in my case. The H100 and similar are simply a bit too big
Anyway, here's my results thus far:

Started off with improving my Cinebench score a little more. Here's Mutlithread @ 4440Mhz.

Here's testing single threaded efficiency in Cinebench at 4510Mhz

Next up was some wprime 32M action at 4510Mhz

Some good old SuperPi 1M at 4708Mhz

And last but not least the validator link---> http://valid.canardpc.com/2704730

That's all for now! Hopefully will get colder again at least once more this year so I can try for more. Comments and questions welcomed. Thanks for looking!
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