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Hi there,

Managed to pick up a Ph. II 705e chip yesterday morning. Having previously owned 'e' chips before, I knew they'd OC well. However, was in for a shock today. 10hr hard benching sesh tonight.

Motherboard - BIOSTAR TA785GE 128M w/ latest BIOS
Chip - AMD Phenom II X3 705e (2.5Ghz w/ 1.15v VID)
Cooling - HK 3.0 LT, RX120, 2x San Ace H1011's + MINi ICE BATH


Here she is unlocked. ACC on AUTO and nothing else. Booted straight in no hassle, no problems (apart from I couldn't read temps within Windows anymore.. the norm for unlocking)..

I'm thinking it's like a X4 905e perhaps.

Now, on with the OC'ing. First up, results when NOT unlocked..

Max OC..

That is the max I can get on chilled water. Temp was around 5.C according to the BIOS.

I did hit 4.3Ghz with 1.475v here..

Which means perhaps that now I'm on my limit for this cooling with regards to higher clocks as if I can hit 4300Mhz with 1.475v, but only get short of 4400Mhz with 1.6v+, I need my TEC sorted for this another time.





Such an amazing chip to play with. Loves low voltage. I did over compensate the Vcore a bit on the runs just to make sure it completed as I really couldn't be arsed RS'ing over and over but i can assure you it can do these tests @ 1.475v to 1.5v.


Max OC while unlocked..

Fun ay? More as follows..

Chose the multi threaded apps for the testing of course..

wPrime 32M

wPrime 1024M

Thats right, Into the mid 4.2Ghz for unlocked bench runs

This chip is fully stable unlocked up to 4.2Ghz. This is with chilled water-cooling.

I feel this chip still has a lot more to offer OC'ing wise, locked or unlocked, but i need better cooling like DICE to see how much further it can be pushed. That said, I'm happy I have a golden, cherry picked like chip

Near 4.4Ghz on chilled water from 2.5Ghz stock

TEC cooling will be on the way soon


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Managed to get a Ph. II 720BE again. Loved this chip in the past but couldn't OC as far as I'd liked before due to motherboard constraints.

And to my surprise, i got ANOTHER unlocked chip


Couldn't go as far as the 705e, but still not too shabby..


Usual multi-thread wPrime..

wP 32M

wP 1024M

Couldn't push it any higher for the runs when unlocked.

Not looked what it does stable yet though, but 3.9Ghz while running the intensive wP 1024M a few times didn't fail me once

Not had much time to bench as normal, something for tomorrow to do. However found the max OC..

Wouldn't go higher
Just hated 4.4Ghz.

Tomorrow, i shall be receiving a Sempron 140.. lets hope this one unlocks also!

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Originally Posted by alg33k View Post
good to know that your mobo support unlocking, i'm got the same mobo for my friend today, i'll be testing tomorrow with 550be(when it arrives). just wanted to know your opinion about this board and your experience with unlocking.
How'd it go?

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