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Phenom II x4 810 OC help

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Ok guys i got my Phenom to stable 3.8 ghz, i up to voltage to 1.5 and just added 1 voltage tick to ram, northbridge and etc, My idle temp is at 36 C is that an ok temp for this chip also i had to put the Multipler for DDR2 memory down to x2 so it says booting up that it is ddr2 400 ram The ram is stock 1060
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What matters is load temperatures, with large FFTs on Prime95/OCCT. If you can do that stable for a few hours without surpassing 70C you should be fine.
Ok well after doing some testing I cannot get the cpu above 3.6 ghz. the only thing i've changed so far was lowering the DDR memory clock to 2.0 and upping hte voltage to 1.55 and upping the reference clock to 275, everytime i go about 280 it starts up fine but after a few mintues it locks ups. Any ideas? I really wanted to get it to close to 4ghz but if my chip only goes to 3.6 stable hey thats 1ghz OC !
I don't know anyone who has hit 4ghz on air. You'll need water or phase change cooling for that (the processor requires colder temperatures). I would crank the vcore down to 1.5 or 1.525v (the 810 is actually only rated as high as 1.425v) as these chips have a tendency to overvolt; ~3.7ghz is a good overclock on air, especially for the 810s.
3.6ghz is very good, even with the 940 (unlocked multi) not many could hit 4ghz on air.
ok thanks guys guess was just getting greedy lol!
is there any reason why you went with a am2+ board instead of am3. Other than cost of ram. does the am2+ oc better with ddr 2 or ddr 3? so far my m4a79t-deluxe has my 810 t0 3.64mhz full load @ 54*c and 1.55 volts.
This is kind of an old thread but I figure Ill start here

Im trying to bring down the temp on my x4 810. Ive got it sitting stable @ 3.0Ghz (Im only in it for a little bump/nothing flashy) but I cant seem to keep the temp @ load @ the 55C that I read is a must for the phenom II's. When I let it run on prime95 for too long, it shows @ 61C and I think I might have burned something in the chip because the core temp doesnt show on hwmonitor anymore. Like I said Im really just looking to keep it stable around 3ghz (id go a little higher except for the temp)

Relevant info is mostly in the sig, but...
FSB =235 and I set the ND voltage @ 1.25V. Everything else is sitting on Auto. Fans are cranked to maximum (Im not real sensitive to the niose), cool n quiet is disabled. Also Im rather newbish, so please be prepared for me to ask what you are talking about
If I dont hear from anyone here soon, ill post a new thread somewhere . Thanks.
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oops wrong thread.

where's the delete button.

could you post a screen shot of cpuz main tab and one of the memory with your 13x235?

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Just trying to keep things clean around here so Ill post only the pics you asked for and this link to where I posted them before and the other stuff I had to say (no one should have to type all that twice
) http://www.overclock.net/t/1545230/oc-on-a-penom-x4-810-ive-got-some-success-but-need-further-guidance#post_23696954

Also when I previews the post it looks liike I might have had the FSB set to 230, Id have to check the bios to be sure. But I can tell you for a fact that Ive had it at 235. I might have just decided to drop back for the safety of my parts
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in the end, it's whatever your comfortable with for oc.

61c is well within specs while running prime95.


you want to lower your ht link numbers closer to 2000. in your bios there should be a setting for ht which is running x5. set it to x4.

your ram speed is more than likely at it's oc limit. your running 200/400+ now. in the bios change it to 166/333 and that will bring it closer to spec.

you can check the ram with http://www.memtest.org/

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