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Phenom X3 8750 crash problems

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i know my temps are good and i can run anything in windows good except for games and prime95. when i run prime95 my third core freaks out and fails its test. i have a cpu-z in the tag below. voltage is 1.35v any ideas??
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If your temps are fine, Give it a little more Vcore.

Your at 1.35v vcore so next try 1.375v, if that doesn't work try 1.4 and so on. Just keep trying

Some cpu/Mobo Combo's you have to play with different voltages (example-Vcore,NBvid,SB etc.)
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Just work with your Vcore for now....And make sure to test stability between changes.

You really only need to adjust other voltages if changing the Vcore doesn't help.
Are you using ACC?

What is the highest you have stable?

Personally, I need 1.4v to be stable at 2.9 GHz, so I would say you are doing fine.
i am.. i jacked it up to +12%, so i know the cores are very flexible for oc'ing now. im runnin windows at 3.1ghz stable but the thing is any games i load, or runnin prime95, it crashes a core and then the program.. its drivin me crazy!! what about the hypertransport speed?? maybe turn that down?? i heard that relieves stress on the cpu..
This may be a case where ACC could help you with that core.

It maybe a weak core, so maybe underclocking that core may help (Just a Thought)
But what is the highest you've had it prime stable?

Lower ACC back down to 2 or 4. You can set it individually for each core.
So have you had a stable run of prime at any OC?

You can't just jump into it. Start at the bottom and work your way up.
Are you OCing via multiplier, or reference clock?

I've found that sometimes droping the multi a step and raising the ref clock adds stability.

On the flipside, if you are OCing by ref clock, then your northbidge and HT link will need voltage.
Hmmm, that is kinda low for the NB.

Did you pick that voltage on a whim, or is it specified in the mobo manual?

As far as I know, 1.25v is stock. I'm running at 2200 MHz, 1.33v
Actually, just to clarify, I'm talking about the processor-nb voltage.

I believe the other voltage options are

HT link 1.2v
core pll 1.1v
nb (something) 1.8v

NOTE: these voltages are specifically for my board, but we have very similar boards, and probably the same bios.

Also, sb voltage is 1.2 for the sb600.

You have the sb750 though, so it may be different.

Also, Phenoms get hungry for sb600 voltage, that may or may not hold true for sb750.
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Originally Posted by mikeyk365
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current voltages.. all set back to default after system crashed a minute ago.. so i know they're stock, except for the core of course. default is 1.250v.

I took mine all the way up to 1.6v, but i am now at 1.5v stable at 3.1ghz
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