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[Phoronix] AMD Dropping R300-R500 Support In Catalyst Driver

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Beginning next month with the Catalyst 9.4 release, support for the R300/400/500 generations of graphics processors will be dropped from AMD's mainline ATI driver....

It was bound to happen sooner or latter. Only thing I don't like about their legacy drivers is that they're not maintained in the same way the nvidia legacy drivers are; at least patch them to work with newer kernels and xservers.
I already switched all my old cards to the open source drivers and they work fine. Sure they're slow and lack any reasonable power management (my laptop's battery life was cut to 40min.
), but they usually work better and are seeing active development. Things like HD content playback are going to start being a big problem though, but eventually the FOSS community finds a workaround; hopefully this move by AMD puts a bit more pressure on them to bring features out more quickly.
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Beat you by 5 minutes! Winna winna chicken dinna! J/k

Different article and perspective.
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