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[Phoronix]Fedora 10 Preview Released

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Red Hat's Jesse Keating has just announced the availability of the Fedora 10 "Cambridge" Preview release. Fedora 10 is scheduled to be officially released later this month (on the 25th of November) and this preview release is the final build before going gold.

Among the many improvements in Fedora 10 includes the introduction of Plymouth, major PulseAudio reworks, improved virtualization, an enriched kernel-based mode-setting experience, and RPM updates. More information on Fedora 10 is available in Fedora 10 Prepares For Development Freeze, Fedora 10 Cambridge Beta, and our Fedora 10 Alpha Preview.

The announcement surrounding the preview release of Fedora 10 along with download links is available on the fedora-announce-list.
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nice, might be a good time to update my vmware in windows from fedora 7 i believe
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Fedora no longer boots on my rig after fedora 8, i dont know why
, but fedora was great when i used it
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