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[Phoronix]GCC To Receive Automatic Parallelization Support

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IBM's Razya Ladelsky today outlined plans for providing automatic parallelization support within the GNU Compiler Collection. The Graphite Framework, which provides high-level loop optimizations based upon the polyhedral model, was merged for the forthcoming release of GCC 4.4 and it will be used eventually to provide some level of automatic parallelization support. Graphite will be combined with autopar, which is an automatic parallelization code generator based upon GOMP that in turn implements OpenMP.

Once all of the work is completed, GCC will then be able to optimize some loops into running in parallel, which will yield better performance on multi-core systems. More on Razya's automatic parallelization plans can be found in this mailing list message.

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lol wut?

It makes basic multicore support much easier for programmers.
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That's nice.
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