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[Phoronix]NVIDIA Releases 180.37 Linux Display Driver

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It was not even two weeks ago that the NVIDIA 180.35 display driver was released for Linux, but yesterday NVIDIA decided to push out yet another update (they have been on a driver updating rampage this year).

The NVIDIA 180.37 display driver as it's called brings a few fixes, improved recovery for certain types of GPU errors, and a few more VDPAU updates. The NVIDIA 180.37 driver change-log and download links for Linux x86 and x86_64 can be found in the Phoronix Forums. NVIDIA has also updated one of its legacy drivers with a few more fixes.

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But I still <3 linux fan boys. So go you, keep fighting, MS will cave in eventually.

Love everybody man.

Like HL2 times, everything will be linux.
does it fix the graphical glitching that was complained about over at phoronix?

i was getting graphics errors on bootup after the bios, and had to format my Mint install to get rid of them - the install wasn't even booting.
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