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Physically abused computer won't wake up after beatings! lol

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Hi hi!

Got a call that a my Uncles computer did not work.
Computer powers on but does not post. NO beeps and no signal on monitor.
Opened it up and stock Intel heat sink was loose and not securely seated.
Tightened it up and rebooted and nothing. No beeps but does power on.

Took off the heat sink to clean and re-seat it.
Discovered a giant Glob of thermal paste!! covering the whole cpu including including the plate that holds it in. There was a little paste under the cpu, but just around the edges.

Cleaned it off, put a grain of rice size of thermal paste, and still would not turn on.
Took out one of the two sticks of Ram, switched them around, and no boot and no beeps.

Took it out of the case in case it was a short, but would not boot. Powers on but no beeps.

I asked if the computer had been moved or bumped, trying to find an explanation for the loose heatsink and glob of paste.

Apparently the kids, 10, 16, and 22, have been hitting the computer when it was too slow.! They mentioned they hit it when it would not turn off! I'm assuming it froze and they didn't' know how to turn it off. apprently they hit the tv and the old super nintendo when they misbehave too!

ahH! ***** kids!

My uncle opened it up and put more thermal paste thinking it was overheating and that more paste would help it cool down!!! omg!

Well, I am assuming the motherboard is dead, or the CPU that was cover in a gob of thermal grease.

So I"m helping them buy a new mobo and see if that works, maybe I'll buy a CPU and mobo combo at frys.

But that will be later on today. What do you guys think, cpu or mobo is dead?
No beeps is kinda eerie to me.
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i think that the cpu has overheated and died.
if thermal paste got under the CPU it'll be dead as well. Both the motherboard and CPU are dead I bet.
R.I.P. Ol' Computer

The cpu probably overheated and fried, and the TIM could have been electrically conductive as a final nail in the coffin.
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I think you should tell your cousins tough luck and don't waste your money.
mobo and cpu are prob fried from improper use of thermal that stuff will block the pin connections between ur mobo and cpu and will cause it to over heat and burn out so best advice is to buy a new mobo and hope cpu isint fried or covered in thermal but if it is buy both to be safe dont go messing up a new mobo just to save some money.
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The kids will be buying a new computer, I think.
Go to a ditch in a country back road no one goes to, and bury the kids computer where no one can ever find it. Problem solved.
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Thanx everyone! I'll have them buy a new mobo and cpu. All I can do is warn them it will happen again if they take out their aggression on the pc. But hey, it's their money not mine. =)
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