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Picking a case! Need help

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Hi, I'm thinking of buying a new case, looking for a good case with great air flow, most likely won't be doing water cooling until I get more experienced, but a case that can also allow water cooling can be good, but needs to have good air cooling.

I was thinking about getting the Antec 1200, great reviews and everything.

Or a thermaltake armor case, as the shop guy only brings in thermaltake, and I'd have to buy any other case at memory express and such.

But any cases you guys can suggest would be great

One of the main things is NO panels that open at the front, I mean like no door that opens up infront of the dvd-drives and usb ports. I hate those things and I tend to break them off ( one of the reasons I was looking into the Antec 1200)

My computer parts right now are

520W PSU, I believe this is the PSU that game with the case
Enlight case -> http://www.superwarehouse.com/Enligh...AK9/ps/1493363
E8400 CPU
4 gigs of ram
GTX 260 video card
2 Dvd Drives
1 WD 250 GB HD
1 WD 500 GB HD
Asus P5K SE/EPU Motherboard.
Soundcard now sure if its onboard or not, cant remember exactly.

Was thinking of also upgrading the powersupply to a 800+ Watt one, any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Quick edit -> I also would be taking the LED fans and putting in a different color of LED fan, so if possible a case that wouldn't be to hard to do that, but not really needed thats more for just fooling around than anything and changing LED fans when i get bored of one color.
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Lian Li pc7fw

This is the one I am most likely about to get, and I will also be changing the led fans to orange (xigmatek).

Newegg pc7fw
I am going to lookin into that Lian Li one that really caught my attention, the cool masters will also be looked into, but somewhat want something with a clear siding cut out so I can see all the pretty colors, but I'm sure I could probably do that my self if need be.
Ouch that silverstone was a bit pricey, looking to keep under 250 or so.

Still very nice cases guys keep them coming wanted to get the best cases you guys thinks of and put them all into thought of which to get.

Originally Posted by Illusion Of Progress View Post
Silverstone TJ07.
He states in the OP that he doesn't plan on doing water cooling and that case really lacks in the air cooling department.
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It's a gorgous case though.

I've heard the Antec1200 is the best for air cooling though, so I'd think you're headed in the right direction.
I personally owned an Antec1200 and disliked it only because it was too tall and not long enough. But that's completely personal preference.
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That Lian Li is really on my mind, amazing looking case, much like the 1200, but seems smaller, and its make form aluminum and not steel = light and less heat being kept, I need to find a place that sells it so I can look at it in stores.

And thoughts, anyone have the Lian Li pc7fw ?

And thoughts, anyone have the Lian Li pc7fw ?

Here is someone here with the case.

Scroll down about 3/4 of the way.
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Cases are highly subjective but here's my opinion. I've owned the following cases recently

Antec 300
Antec 900
Antec 1200

My favorite is the 1200 hands down. It's a little bit of a pain if you have a heavy-gauge, non-modular PSU like my Silencer but features, build quality, and performance are well above par in the big Antec.
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