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I like to play games on the highest settings plus tons of mods. Skyrim 100 mods is something I want for instance. I play on a single 1920x1200 monitor. I am trying to decide between Gtx 690 or gtx 670s. I like the thought of the gtx Titan but unless I can get them in sli is doesn't seem worth the premium.

Anyone have experience with sli 670s vs 690 single monitor performance?

Other computer stats:




Mobo-z77 sabertooth

SSD- 256gb 830 Samsung

Sound Card- Asus STX essence

Cpu cooler-Corsair H100i

Case- Cooler Master 932 Blue

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If you're going purely for graphics and you're not looking for titan, then go with teh 7950/70 in Xfire...

Also, you can drop off 100w on that PSU, check the rosewill HIVE 750...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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