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Picking up some upgrades friday

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My clanmate is giving me a deal since he has a big sale and I help him out advertising for his PC building shindig. Im paying about 105 bucks for all the following and they are all new and not used.
So am I getting ripped or should I being jumping up and down.

Opteron 165 Socket 939

DFI LanParty UT nF4-D

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Woah, good deal, please buy now. If you don't want it, i'll take it
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Wow, thats a sweet deal!
lol, i thought soo too! I hope i get a good stepping cause I was thinking 3.0 somewhere in my future
opty 165 retails for $155 so yes, good deal

edit linky

edit again: mobo = $105

edit edit edit: freezer 64 = $30

so grand total retail is $290
ok so knock $20 off the price i gave, i need to try and learn some amd stuff, all i really know is intel
the difference is that the one for 104.99 is running nforce 4 ULTRA NB and the one im getting runs on standard nforce 4. I got a question, the board comes with 2 16X pci-e slots and a SLI bridge but not the SLI north bridge...how does that work?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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