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I've played with video -> cartoon with OS platforms but am thinking of asm for cpu processing of algorithms, 1-4 usb 2.0's for cams and dvd burners would be necessary as well as storage (looked at a CFast RAID controller 60-90 MBps) - just trying to consider, if everything were squeezed would there be enough power in Pico form factor CPUs (Atom comes to mind) to handle interleaved streams and simple video transforms? Ie, how low can it go? If Pico boards wouldn't be good enough would the Nano series have cpu's with enough power?

I might even look at dsp's and asic's eventually, but wondered if there were small form factor, low power available componentry to do some simple painterly type effects, perhaps with replaceable algorithms to be stored in RAM. The Tensilica Xtensas with eASIC looked interesting, too, even if costly at project pricing of 250k


BTW, how is paragraph indents done
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