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PII unlock and oc'ing problems

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Hi, Just opgraded my system to a PII x3 720be sitting on a m3a79-t read the unlocking stuff so i started fiddling........
downloaded a hacked bios (i think) because i couldnt see the acc option with the latest bios....(that doesnt mean it wasnt there just i was to busy to notice)
so acc switched to auto and reboot...... get to windows load screen then just goes black......machine still running waited for varying amounts of time on several occasions, takes me turning it off at the wall to restart.
restarts bit more slowly but works i can get to bios to change things again and in bios it says....... PII X4 20??? but it does the same as before so i cant run the forth i think any ideas.. and being new to all this when i load task manager and click preformance tab the first two windows have full activity under orthos and the third has very little is that normal?
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A lot of the X3s are unstable on their fourth core, so you may never get it to work. That being said, what volts are you running?
1.325v, everything stock so far. going for the big oc on wensday installing the cooler master v8 and doing the "from scratch" oc.
ive had it sitting stable at 3.230 with only the ai oc setting
still feel really lame when looking at the options in bios.
and after my pc locked and would'nt start(had to remove cmos battery) been abit worried about the whole attempt at unlocking that 4th core maybe i damaged the others or something?
was kinda hopeing there was a way around the windows stall?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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