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Placment of UV Cathodes in a 900

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Its not really mod.. but i just got some AC Ryan 12" UV Cathodes to go with my UV cable ties and sata cables, and some time in the future, my watercooling coolant.

Problem is, if the cathode is more than about 20 cm away from any UV reactive materials, they dont glow. Strange, seeing that some white papers half way across my room 2 meters +, are glowing nicely.

So what would be the best arrangement for the 2 12" cathodes in this system...

As you can see they are not properly placed at the moment..

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The way you have that one, crooked laying there, looks really really bad.
The best place I can think of for you to mount it, is in the far back, on the hdd cages, do you know what I am talking about? If not, i can take a picture of my case to show you the spot.
Well the one crooked is just there until i find a better place for it... it wont fit between the hdd cage and the top, too big (i also removed one of the hdd cages)... Im thinking of one on the inside of the door mabye?
I only have 1 12" right now, and a 4" across the inner top. I will have another 12" tube coming in the mail soon. So I plan on mounting one 12" on the inner top, and putting the 4" on the bottom by the psu.

Or I will put my other 12" down on the bottom laying against the panel, have the other 12" on the inner top by the fan. And I will put my 4" some where. Maybe by my hard drives, I don't know yet.
This is how i placed mine, not sure if it will help but...

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Thats exactly how one of mine is, on the side there, but the one you have there at the bottom, i am going to put towards the top back of the case, and I will put my 4 inch under a drive bay.
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