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Planning to get a soundcard & new headphones.

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Im getting really fed up with the endless sound skipping & stuttering this piece of garbage audio chipset has delivered to me. There seems to be no end to it. And I finally got some spare money in the bank, so i decided to buy a soundcard & new headset.
My budget is arround 100€ - 150€ including both the headset. Altho i prefer to keep it arround 100 as much as possible.

For the sound card i'm aiming at this beauty:
(Xonar D1)

As for headset i'm not really sure yet, and I could need guidance.
Preferences so far:

- Comfortable, I wear it arround 3-4 hours a day mostly. Sometimes it can be twice as much. (but i useully go away for half an hour anyway)
- Gaming/music is about 40/60. Sometimes i game alot, sometimes im producing music alot.
- My music genre varries from deep house to drum and bass.

Links are appreciated, but be aware that US deals or UK deals are unavailable to me as I don't live there. Suggestions for a different soundcard are appreciated to.
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Any suggestions?
Most people are going to recommend:
]For gaming, get the ATH-AD700s with a Zalman Clip-on microphone.[/QUOTE

Which seems to not only be the consensus for these forums but many others that I have read.

You can see the thread that I started very similar to yours where I am still getting some input and they also have links to the items there as well.

They are supposed to have superb quality sound and I've been debating going with a sound card and those options, unlike you I haven't chosen a sound card yet, or with a surround sound set like Turtle Beach ones, although I have yet to hear anything, good or bad, about the TB headsets from anyone. They might save me having to buy a sound card.

Although truth be told, these guys don't steer you wrong and I'd go with what they recommend, they know what they are talking about. I am just not pulling the trigger quite yet b/c I want a few more details before I make my final decision as to which direction I want to go.

Although they can provide you better suggestions with regards to the type of music and everything you listen to.
For the headphones I'd highly recommend the ATH A700's. I believe the AD700's mentioned above are open back, not closed. A clip on mic does do the trick with them if you need for gaming.

You could also look into the Sennheiser HD555's but those might be above your budget.
Audio technica's are a no go.
Extremely hard to find out here, wich is a damn shame as the AD700's looked intresting.

I know the 555's are probably going to be recommanded here, altho im abit worried about its base. I listen to drum and bass, so having headphones without any bass would instantly kill the music. Then again, I don't want to much of it either.

The store that sells the sennheisers does have them able for test, but they are plugged on the same line so and i readed it affects the actual sound quality. and they also aren't playing at high volume.
Have you taken a look at the Senn HD-280? They provide good sound isolation and bass response.
Well, tommorow I have a chance to check out the 555's and 280's. Altho they are both setted up on some crappy audio line and stuff. But it would still give me a pretty good idea.
And ive found a shop that sells that AD700's. ALtho they are priced a little over 150€.

Anyway, is the Xonar XD better then the D1?
Its only a 5€ price difference.

More entries appreciated. I don't really care if its closed or open. I preffered closed (as its said they have better isolation)
But I just need any kind of headset that does have enough bass to still feel the essence of drum and bass.
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